Monday, November 19, 2007

6 Days

I am amazed at how much work got done in just 6 days!! The floors, exterior walls, and interior walls are up, as well as one wall on the garage.

As you can tell, the weather has been quite blustery. The first couple of pictures show the walls laying on the floor where they were built and the next one is of them raising the 1st wall. I took it from my front porch on telephoto..I was getting ready to go to work so didn't have time to go take pictures.

The last two pictures are with the walls up. The 1st one is the front of the house, the next--the back.

Tomorrow the trusses for the roof will be here. Then it will really look like a house!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where has all the Time Gone?

I was hoping to take some really great pictures of Mom and Dads house before I posted....but that never happened. I will try to get some later though. They did get to move in before Dads 80th birthday. It was another hectic couple of days and things are still not all sorted through and inside the house. They got a beautiful new couch and easy chair. Sorry my picture is so dark. They also each have a desk and their computers set up in the area by the french doors.

We (Mike & I, Jessie, Ryan & Kelly, and Jimmy) got Dad/Grandpa this 42 inch flat screen for his birthday. 80 is a pretty special one in my opinion!!

Then Mike, Jimmy, Jessie and Eric went to Cashmere to get Jessie's house framed up. They had a little RV Park set up in his backyard. Mike & Jimmy in the Bounder, Jessie in his new 5th wheel, and Eric in Jessies old 5th wheel.

His house went up quick, about 3 wks. They just need to get the front windows in. Look at that gorgeous view he will have from his living room window!

Another Biggie...Jimmy turned 21 yesterday!!

Today Mike, Jessie, Jimmy and Eric started framing up our next house. Whew...What a whirlwind of events going on. Keeps life interesting