Monday, March 23, 2009

We have Moved!
We moved down to our new house this weekend. Jessie and Jimmy were here to help so we got all of the big stuff moved. And most important(for DH)....the TVs up and running. We are planning on renting our other house out starting the 1st of April. So things are kind of in a jumble here...I need to get groceries...I need to put things away....I need to clean up the other house...and the list goes on. Oh well, it's all good.
On Friday my new laptop (AKA Ruby Red) crashed....bummer. Jimmy called up Dell and after much conferring a new one is on the way - asap.
It finally feels like spring may be coming...temps were even in the 50's this weekend. I am ready for it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Sunday!

The weekend started out fine...we had someone come to pick up a load of hay...I got in a nice long walk...then we went to Omak. Then our little truck stopped running at Walmart. If it was going to break down I guess that wasn't too bad of a place, at least we weren't stranded along the roadside somewhere. Jimmy came and picked us up after we finished shopping. So this morning we decided to take the trailer down and pick it up. Nasty weather, but no problems.

I am adding these pink bunny peeps to my wheat grass for a touch of spring. I think they are cute. I think I'll add some Easter eggs too.

Our snow is almost gone..just some left where it had drifted. It is still in the hills though.
Look at snow we got this afternoon!Pretty...but thankfully none stuck.

Mom, Dad and Jimmy came up for dinner this evening. We had Corned Beef w/Cabbage and Potatoes. I am still using potatoes from my garden. We had vanilla pudding for dessert. Yum.

This is one of Max's favorite napping spots. He is done with his meds and has healed up nicely.

Pepi and Lucy...on alert!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I call her Ruby Red!!

I got my new laptop today. I am lucky to have a son that is up on technical stuff and got things running so well for me. He got me a wireless router and got me all set up. DH and I thought it would be nice to have something we could take with us when we travel in the motorhome, at least that is how I justify getting it..besides it was a good deal. I love that it is RED! Maybe now we will do some more traveling...I can hope can't I.