Friday, August 17, 2012

More Progress on Gumdrop Lane

The new trusses are up and they look great!

Now the OSB needs to get put up on the roof and the rest of the walls.
The dormers are getting built...after Mike got them done he decided that he didn't think they were big enough, so they got ripped out and added about another foot to them.
The windows and sliders came Friday morning..these are the 10' x 8' sliders, they have four panels, they took out the two middle ones to make them a little lighter to unload and get into the house. They are huge and awesome!!
The kitchen window, it is 8' x 4'....nice! The other windows are stacked up across from them.
This how the house is looking by the end of work on Friday...coming along quite nicely.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Emma's new HiGhChaiR

She thinks it is a great place to be! She is trying out a sippy cup... she will get the hang of it soon.
Banana Mum Mum's and yogurt melts...the world is full of new and yummy things!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I am sure missing these two smiling faces lately...
I'm going to go see my other little cherub this weekend!!
Mike has been working on the Gumdrop Lane house again...the correct trusses were delivered today. The first ones didn't have the right pitch in the vaulted great room, so they were replaced.
The roof sheathing is up on the garage and about half of the master bedroom.
Now you can see just how the roof line will be..I like it alot! It is really going to turn out nice.

This is the back of the house(below), there will be two 10 ft sliding patio doors there to take advantage of the view. There are going to be two dormers above them too, the hole on the far left is for the 6ft slider in the guest room. The far right is the master bedroom.
I enjoy watching the crane carrying those heavy trusses around...he takes them up so high and places them in just the right spot... amazing to me.

By the end of next week the roof should be sheathed and it will look more like a 'house'.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It has been a pretty busy summer around here...I went out to Manitoba to visit Sweet little Sophia for a couple of weeks. She is showing me her friend Gnomeburt, guardian of the backyard.

We went to a petting zoo on Canada Day, this little potbellied pig loved to get his belly rubbed..Sophie thought he was cute!
This is the water table in her play area..
We went to the Portage la Prairie fair....quite alot different from the Fairs we have around here...alot smaller. This was the cow barn.
Kelly and Sophie flew back home with me. She was a good little flyer...other than the glass of orange juice she accidentally dumped in my lap (that is why kids use sippy cups!!).
We went to visit my other little darlin' Emma Jean, she is 6 months old now!!
We went to Leavenworth...
and ate out for breakfast one morning. It was alot of fun! Sophie and Emma love each other.
Mike stayed home and worked on the new house...he's got alot done and it has been sooo hot!!

Jessie, Becky and Emma invited us to go camping with them at Bonaparte Lake. They tented and we took the motor home.
It was alot of fun to have everyone together!!! Jimmy came up one afternoon too.
Then to quickly it was time for my girls to go home...
While we were trying to squeeze in all this fun we sold our we were packing and trying to get ready to move...quickly! How hectic!! Chaotic!! I wouldn't recommend it!!
But we did manage to get moved out in time...we are staying with Dad until we get our new house done....probably in the spring.