Friday, April 23, 2010

The Walls are Up!!

I love this part of seeing a house feels like things are really beginning to happen! The next two pictures are of the front of the house.

The living room is on the right with the big windows, the two windows on the left are the two secondary bedrooms, and the entry door into the foyer is in the middle.

This is the back of the house (picture below)

Looking into what will be the dining room and kitchen (below)

In this shot you can see where the two sliding glass doors will be in the living room, the laundry room door and the sliding glass door into the dining room (below)

Mike has mountains of dirt and rock to move and more back filling to do but the tractor has broke down. Hopefully the mechanic will get it fixed next week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

House # to a Good Start!

It has been an eventful last few weeks...the work continues on house #4. Here Jimmy is getting ready for the cement to be poured into the foundation walls, I guess that contraption he is carrying is to to get rid of any evil spirits in the concrete...ghost buster style(lol)

Kelly, always ready to help out!

The pour went well,

Next the floor joists...

Then the floor.

Now for the back filling.

All was going well...then the hydraulics went out on the tractor, so now waiting for it to be repaired.

Here are a few pix of Easter...Kelly and Mike coloring eggs..

Easter Dinner

Kelly and I hiked up to the top of the hill behind our house, you can see our home and home site below. What a wonderful view!! That is a walk I need to take a lot more often.

Lucy and Nevaeh on a walk..

All tuckered out with Daisey.

What intelligent grandpups I have!!

Mike playing favorites

We have had a wonderful spring with Kelly home for a visit! On Monday she loaded up her puppies and took off for her new home in Manitoba. We miss her, but are looking forward to visiting her and Ryan and seeing their new home next month.