Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Four wheeler Sweetie

Emma has learned to ride her little four wheeler.....pretty good for a 4 1/2 year old! 
She gave Grandma & Grandpa rides.....oh my! When I got on behind her it was full throttle!! Me screaming her laughing. Her dad gave her a little talk about riding slower...Emma said she was just wanting to have fun. Next it was Grandpas turn.....she did really well.....until.....the four wheeler turned sharp and off they went! 

Happy 4th of July

We were so happy to have everyone here over the 4th of July. On the evening of July 1st Jessie's family hopped in his side by side and Kelly's family and me got in their car and we headed up the road to a mountain top to watch the fireworks in Osoyoos, BC. We could see them though they were probably 5 -8 miles away as the crow flys.

We spent an afternoon at Omak Lake.....

In Grandma's rocking chair....

Tea party on the porch...

Celebrating Kelly's Birthday...

Sophia with Grace....She likes the Chickens!

Four little princesses......

We had so much fun!!
We had a piƱata one afternoon for the girls ... They took turns whacking at it then Emma cracked it open.
We went to the Chesaw Rodeo on the 4th, then went to Deep Bay Park to watch fireworks. Elaine came down on the 4th too. 
Jessie & Becky gave Kelly and Sophe side by side rides. 
Sophia and Emma set elaborate boobie traps to catch unknown creatures.
Jimmy had to work most of the time but was able to come up one day to hang out. He also joined us for Kelly's birthday dinner at Ranch Chico. Ryan's dad Jan came too.
Oh how I wish these times with family were more frequent!