Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Emma's First Overnight at Grammy's!!

On Saturday Emma came to spend the night with us .... Big Smile!!
Pepi was glad to have her too.
Her Momma and Daddy had her all decked out in this cute little outfit....Sweet!
Busy playing...
"Grammy, I'm not tired yet...lets play some more."
That's okay with me.
Bath time fun
Emma picked out this cute little outfit when we went shopping. It has darling little white kitty heads for pockets. Isn't she adorable!!
It was a lot of fun having her come for a visit...Come again soon sweetie ♥

Summer 2012

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Monday, September 3, 2012

House & Horses

My Emma Jean!!
Look...she has hair!
Doors and windows are in...this is the front of the house.....I love the front door! It is fiberglass with a mahogany stain.
The back of the house...the dormer windows were just put in today.
Now Mike is working on the plumbing..he got the two bathtubs in today.

I have been putting the horses in the corral every morning so they don't just eat out in the pasture all day long, also trying to ride every day. I usually trade off between Rita and Dixie and just work Rocket in sometimes. She is getting older (28) and is very well trained anyway. I got her for Mike about 20 years ago. She has been Kelly's horse, then Jimmy's, and my go to horse for anyone, she is a gem. I am hoping my grandbabies will be able to learn to ride on her too.
Below is a picture of Rita and Rocket...Rocket is the palomino in front. Looks pretty good for her age.
This is Dixie...she is 5.
Rita is 10, she is Dixie's mom. It was her turn for a ride this morning...
After the ride I washed her down and as soon as she got into the corral she rolled...I'm sure it felt wonderful to her!