Thursday, June 21, 2012

Poor...Poor..Little Mr Pepi

Yesterday I noticed that Pepi's eye was irritated...I thought he may have got something in it and was hopeful it would get didn't. This morning he couldn't open it and it was gunky...when he wouldn't eat or drink I knew things were bad. I took him to the vet and found out he had lacerated his eyeball, it was almost punctured. If I didn't get him to the vet when I did he would have lost the eye..hopefully we got it in time.
He is not happy at all!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ready to build...Mike has to cut the hay before he can get started though...

The strawberry patch is doing really well~~~

Fresh Strawberries

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Off with the Forms

The cement work turned out good ... I was a little worried that the cement would stick to the forms since we only got 1 coat of oil on them..but it wasn't bad at all. It still was alot of work for them to get all of the forms off since cement had gone over the top and encased some of the boards.
We are happy with how it turned out though. It is sure alot of work for something that you can't see on the house...but it is one of the most important things too!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Footings & Foundation Pour

Mike had to call in reinforcements...we could have got done ourselves if we would have had a couple of more days...but the pour was the next day. The guy he hired really knows what he is doing...unlike me. Things went very smoothly.
Now everything is built, braced and ready to go!
Nice straight walls...
The Building Inspector passed we are ready for the pour.
Here they go...Mike, Jessie and Jimmy...
Nothing ever seems to go as planned ... the cement started setting up before they were ready for it to...
But by the end of the pour...things were looking up, and everything turned out fine.
Amid the chaos of the pour this little fellow ran right by them...nobody saw him except Emma and me. We were hanging out in our make shift playroom in the back of Mikes new cargo trailer.
Nice little set up.
While her Daddy, Grampa and Uncle Jimmy were all working their ***!!**'s off, I had an enjoyable day with this little sweetie!
Grandkids !!!
Gotta Love Them!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breaking Ground & Foundation Work

We have power!!
We broke ground for the new house on Gum Drop.

The first scoop of dirt...Yay
First we had an excavator level the building spot out for us.
We laid out the house and after much squaring up and measuring..we got the forms for the footings in....

Put in the rebar...
then we started getting the forms for the foundation walls up.

Most of the forms are up... just the garage is left to do and we will get it done tomorrow since we ran out of forms today. Then Mike says the walls need to be squared and braced. The cement is coming on Friday so we have to be done.
So far the weather has gone from nice ... to cold and wet ..... then to hot!
Here is hoping for a nice rest of the week..not too hot or too wet!!