Thursday, June 24, 2010

I hope summer has decided to stay around awhile. The garden is doing well, (all the rain we've been having) it seems to have drawn the attention of a new visitor. She is happy to just stay out in the garden and watch it grow! The potatoes and peas are blooming and I have little tomatoes growing...I am so ready for garden veggies!

The chicks are growing and have taken over the chicken house since the 3 old hens can't seem to be nice to them. The old hens don't really care though because they get to free range and they love it, the only problem being it can be like an Easter egg hunt to find where they have layed their eggs.

Lucy is about to have a litter of pups, this will be her 2nd and last. I think she will have them in the next week or so.

Since I had this week off of work, we decided to take a little trip. We drove over to Seattle to visit Mike's old neighborhood. We drove by his old school, then went to Lincoln Park to see the saltwater pool he used to swim in. What a pretty park, right on the sound. Next we went to Alki Beach, then over to Ivar's for fish & chips and chowder. BTW Garmin's are a wonderful thing!!