Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Thought Spring was Coming!?!

Just when I was sure spring was almost here, we woke up to a day of blowing snow and cold....again. We got about an inch or so of powdery snow and it is blowing like crazy. So much for my walk before work.

Yesterday it was thawing, raining and temps in the 40's, today it is 15 and with the wind chill who knows?! All I know is ... it is cold!
Yesterday when DH was feeding the cats in the barn he saw a gaping hole in Max's side. We had to take him to the vet. He hated riding in the car and he howled like a ghoul the whole way... spooky sounds! The vet cleaned out the wound and gave me meds to give him for a couple of weeks. Max must have got bit in a cat fight and it got infected. Poor Boy...He is a big sweetheart! He is staying in the mudroom for awhile to recoup and keep his sore clean. Kinda a nasty pix!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Touch of Spring on a Snowy Day

Yikes! I can't believe it...we woke up to 2 1/2 more inches of snow this morning. I am ready for things spring. I planted some wheat grass a week or so ago, it is my little bit of spring inside. I had been wanting to try it and I'm glad I did!

This one was getting tall again so I trimmed it, it smelled so good like a fresh mown lawn. I took the clipping out to my hens for a treat!

I decided to plant some containers to take to work to give us a bit of spring green. They should sprout in a day or so. Then they will grow like crazy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home Show

We went to the Home Show in Wenatchee yesterday. We had never been to it before and it was alot of fun! We went in with Jessie but lost him the within the first 15 minutes.

I thought this was a cool fountain idea...I have been wanting to do something like the blue urn, maybe I will.

The whole pond theme was kinda interesting .... and different.

Next we headed over to Costco. We had been talking about getting a 32" flat screen for the bedroom in the new house and found one at Costco. It should work out great! We went back to Cashmere to rest up before heading out to a Chinese Buffet. It was pretty good but DH and JD had to eat the baby octopus...Yuck!

I like the table that JD got for his dining room, it fits his style! It is a tall counter height table and chair set.

This was his free find.
It was sitting out by the road to give away!! It will look nice with a fresh coat of paint, out on his porch this spring. I wish I could find a freebie like that!

After a lazy morning we came back home. The sun was shining, snow melting (although very slowly) there is hope that spring is coming!