Saturday, November 14, 2009

1st Snow!!

It snowed yesterday morning. It covered the ground in a clean white blanket of cold wet snow. I guess winter is here early. I think it made everyone just want to was pretty slow this afternoon too.

All the puppies have found homes. The lady that wanted Peanut flaked out on me...but he found a home the same day with a man who had lost his chi and desperately wanted Peanut. I miss all the babies, but I'm so glad they found good homes. It was a fun experience..nothing can put a smile on your face faster than a puppy.

Happy Birthday !!

We celebrated Jimmy's 23rd birthday and Mom and Dads 41st wedding anniversary on Thursday with pizza and this huge yummy All American Chocolate Cake!! Notice the thick chocolate shavings on the sides, it was four layers of chocolate lovers heaven. I wish I could say I made it...but Costco gets the credit for this one.

It is pretty cool that Jimmy's birthday is on his G & G's anniversary. Notice the little munchkins under the table. They gather at Mom's feet hoping she will give them a treat (because she does). If you look close you can see Lucy, Spike and Kozi. Dad is telling me I should turn the light out (yes, I still am getting advice from him).

Mike and Jimmy had worked all day getting the shingles up on the garage since it was supposed to snow in the morning.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spike & Doodle Bug (AKA Peanut)

This is Jimmy's pup Spike with the last pup. The people that are buying him wants me to start calling him Doodle Bug, as it will be his new name, but it is hard since he has been Peanut for so long.

What a handsome fellow!!

I think I may let Lucy have another litter next year. The puppies have been a lot of fun!!

Up goes the Garage

The 3 car garage is going up at the new building site. The PUD got the power in this week, so the guys don't have to use the motor home and generator anymore. We have been having all kinds of weather the last few weeks, rain, snow, sunshine and wind. Nice & Nasty!

You can see our green house and garage in the picture diagonally behind where the new home site is. To the right is the house we sold this last summer.