Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Snow

We haven't had this much snow for a few years..

Gum Drop Lane Update

It's been awhile....but here is an update on the Gum Drop Lane house
 By early November the electric, plumbing and insulation were done so it was time to move outside to finish the house. The drywall guy came and  was working on the inside.
 We had to put up the fascia board, soffits, trim and siding. We had some nice weather, but for the most part it was COLD. We wore several layers of clothes and coveralls and had a nice bonfire going most of the time....not that we had alot of time to stand by it to get warm.
We finally got the siding all up and the drywall was finished too.
Mike and I spent a couple of days painting....first priming everything..then painting. It sure goes fast with the paint sprayer. There is going to be a lot of touch up painting to be done when we get all done inside. Next we put up the pine boards in the Great Room and Master Bedroom ceilings, then started installing the hardwood floors.
The Kitchen (above)

The Great Room 

Master Bedroom
Here are a few pictures with the tongue & groove ceiling and flooring installed
Master Bedroom (above)

Great Room
Mike is installing one of the two living room ceiling fans.
The wood flooring is almost all installed so things are coming along well.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Lil' Cowgirl

 Emma Jean was up for a visit with her Momma and Daddy this Thanksgiving weekend and got her very first ride on a horse.

Rocket is such a good horse...Emma is just 10 months old but seems to be lovin' this!
 (I know I am!)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thanksgiving in Canada

We trekked out to Manitoba to spend Canadian Thanksgiving with Ryan, Kelly and Sophia. When we arrived at their doorstep, Kelly informed us that they were all sick. Poor little Sophia felt miserable as did her mama and daddy. They had snow on the ground and it was COLD outside.  Kelly still made a lovely Thanksgiving dinner despite her feeling under the weather.
Sophia loved the tiny little cards that came in a cracker and played and played with them. She likes to  sit at the table in a booster seat now.

She is growing up too fast....she looks like a little girl!

Too Stink'n Cute!!

We went to the park and she took Lucy for a walk. She really likes Pepi and Lucy, It must be because they are little like her.

I sure do miss getting to see her. She is starting to talk and is learning new things all the time.
  I feel sad to think I probably won't get to see her until next spring.
Just wish she didn't live so far away.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dahlia Bouquet

 What a Beautiful Bouquet of Dahlias!
 I love all of the vibrant colors, these were given to me but I would sure like to get some going in my flower beds.
They make a  such a nice fall centerpiece in a mason jar surrounded by mini pumpkins.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Emma's First Overnight at Grammy's!!

On Saturday Emma came to spend the night with us .... Big Smile!!
Pepi was glad to have her too.
Her Momma and Daddy had her all decked out in this cute little outfit....Sweet!
Busy playing...
"Grammy, I'm not tired yet...lets play some more."
That's okay with me.
Bath time fun
Emma picked out this cute little outfit when we went shopping. It has darling little white kitty heads for pockets. Isn't she adorable!!
It was a lot of fun having her come for a visit...Come again soon sweetie ♥

Summer 2012

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Monday, September 3, 2012

House & Horses

My Emma Jean!!
Look...she has hair!
Doors and windows are in...this is the front of the house.....I love the front door! It is fiberglass with a mahogany stain.
The back of the house...the dormer windows were just put in today.
Now Mike is working on the plumbing..he got the two bathtubs in today.

I have been putting the horses in the corral every morning so they don't just eat out in the pasture all day long, also trying to ride every day. I usually trade off between Rita and Dixie and just work Rocket in sometimes. She is getting older (28) and is very well trained anyway. I got her for Mike about 20 years ago. She has been Kelly's horse, then Jimmy's, and my go to horse for anyone, she is a gem. I am hoping my grandbabies will be able to learn to ride on her too.
Below is a picture of Rita and Rocket...Rocket is the palomino in front. Looks pretty good for her age.
This is Dixie...she is 5.
Rita is 10, she is Dixie's mom. It was her turn for a ride this morning...
After the ride I washed her down and as soon as she got into the corral she rolled...I'm sure it felt wonderful to her!

Friday, August 17, 2012

More Progress on Gumdrop Lane

The new trusses are up and they look great!

Now the OSB needs to get put up on the roof and the rest of the walls.
The dormers are getting built...after Mike got them done he decided that he didn't think they were big enough, so they got ripped out and added about another foot to them.
The windows and sliders came Friday morning..these are the 10' x 8' sliders, they have four panels, they took out the two middle ones to make them a little lighter to unload and get into the house. They are huge and awesome!!
The kitchen window, it is 8' x 4'....nice! The other windows are stacked up across from them.
This how the house is looking by the end of work on Friday...coming along quite nicely.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Emma's new HiGhChaiR

She thinks it is a great place to be! She is trying out a sippy cup... she will get the hang of it soon.
Banana Mum Mum's and yogurt melts...the world is full of new and yummy things!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I am sure missing these two smiling faces lately...
I'm going to go see my other little cherub this weekend!!
Mike has been working on the Gumdrop Lane house again...the correct trusses were delivered today. The first ones didn't have the right pitch in the vaulted great room, so they were replaced.
The roof sheathing is up on the garage and about half of the master bedroom.
Now you can see just how the roof line will be..I like it alot! It is really going to turn out nice.

This is the back of the house(below), there will be two 10 ft sliding patio doors there to take advantage of the view. There are going to be two dormers above them too, the hole on the far left is for the 6ft slider in the guest room. The far right is the master bedroom.
I enjoy watching the crane carrying those heavy trusses around...he takes them up so high and places them in just the right spot... amazing to me.

By the end of next week the roof should be sheathed and it will look more like a 'house'.