Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Roof is Up!

We have had all kinds of weather this past couple of has snowed (about 8 inches), rained, got warm, was freezing cold and windy..not breezy WINDY!! But despite it all the roof is up and pretty much done. A big load off Mike, because now it can snow, rain or blow and he can be inside working without a leaky roof. The doors and windows aren't in yet...but they should be here next week and get put in.

These are our trusses being set up. The last picture is in the vaulted livingroom.

The pictures look like it is so nice and sunny out, but believe was COLD and WINDY!! Very nasty weather to be working in. Jessie and Patrick D are working on the garage. Mike and Jimmy are working on the ridge cap of the house. BRR!!

We put on the very same shingles that Jessie did on his house.

Next week Mike, Jessie and Jimmy are going back down to Cashmere to work on Jessie's house. Jessie and Jimmy will be siding it (weather permitting) and Mike will be plumbing it. This is a hard working crew!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

6 Days

I am amazed at how much work got done in just 6 days!! The floors, exterior walls, and interior walls are up, as well as one wall on the garage.

As you can tell, the weather has been quite blustery. The first couple of pictures show the walls laying on the floor where they were built and the next one is of them raising the 1st wall. I took it from my front porch on telephoto..I was getting ready to go to work so didn't have time to go take pictures.

The last two pictures are with the walls up. The 1st one is the front of the house, the next--the back.

Tomorrow the trusses for the roof will be here. Then it will really look like a house!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where has all the Time Gone?

I was hoping to take some really great pictures of Mom and Dads house before I posted....but that never happened. I will try to get some later though. They did get to move in before Dads 80th birthday. It was another hectic couple of days and things are still not all sorted through and inside the house. They got a beautiful new couch and easy chair. Sorry my picture is so dark. They also each have a desk and their computers set up in the area by the french doors.

We (Mike & I, Jessie, Ryan & Kelly, and Jimmy) got Dad/Grandpa this 42 inch flat screen for his birthday. 80 is a pretty special one in my opinion!!

Then Mike, Jimmy, Jessie and Eric went to Cashmere to get Jessie's house framed up. They had a little RV Park set up in his backyard. Mike & Jimmy in the Bounder, Jessie in his new 5th wheel, and Eric in Jessies old 5th wheel.

His house went up quick, about 3 wks. They just need to get the front windows in. Look at that gorgeous view he will have from his living room window!

Another Biggie...Jimmy turned 21 yesterday!!

Today Mike, Jessie, Jimmy and Eric started framing up our next house. Whew...What a whirlwind of events going on. Keeps life interesting

Monday, September 24, 2007

The End is Near!!

Things have been moving along quickly! The flooring is all in and it looks beautiful! It is solid 3/4 inch oak in a natural finish. It is so pretty with the knotty maple kitchen cabinets. We got the slab of granite on the island as a remnant piece from a granite dealer in Cashmere. Mike and Jessie have been busy getting everything installed (sinks, appliances, mirrors, smoke alarms, etc.).

This will prove to be a busy week. Doors to hang, baseboard put up, windows trimmed, hardware installed, and so goes the list.

On another note... Jessie's foundation is in at Cashmere. Building will start on that as soon as Mom and Roy's house is done.

And we have broke ground for our next house. It will be a busy fall!! How exciting!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

A Family Get Together

My sister and her husband, who live in Oklahoma, flew into Seattle for a visit last week. I drove my Mom and Dad over to Bellvue to visit. My sis has been in a battle with cancer for the last couple of years, so her being able to come was very special to us all. We got the good news a few days before her coming that she was cancer free!!! How wonderful!! We had a nice visit..went to eat on the waterfront at Lake Union...went to Pikes Market....and had my 15 year old nephew drive us around and in downtown Seattle (he did great). My niece and I experienced green tea w/bubbles (YUCK). It was a short visit...but so great to see them.

Color on the Walls & a New Back Deck

I am a bit behind in my postings...things have been busy! We have the inside of the house all painted.

The kitchen is sagey green.

The living room is a warm beige.
The guest bathroom is blue.
Minty green graces the walls of the master suit.
The laminate flooring that was in the living room and dining room was Jessie is laying it in one of the bedrooms. He put it in both of the smaller bedrooms and the laundry room
The deck out back turned out beautiful!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Walls are Back Up!

Wow, it seems like all of a sudden so much has been done on Mom and Dads remodel! The heat pump is in, the wiring and plumbing is done and the drywall is completely installed! The man that hung it, did it all by himself, then taped and sanded it. Mike put a coat of primer on it then Jose sprayed the final coat of texture on. He is a working machine!! He did a nice job too.
The first picture above is of the master bathroom and closet, the next two are of the master bedroom. This area used to be the kitchen/laundry room/back porch and guest bathroom.

Above is the new kitchen/dining area.

The original ceiling was left in the living room. Notice the entry closet...that used to be the doorway to Mom and Dads bedroom. We hope we don't find them in the closet sleeping too often. LOL (just joking guys!!)

The plan is for Mike and Jessie to spray the primer and ceiling paint on tomorrow...then on Thursday and Friday we will paint! We have most of the paint...but still need to find a color for the kitchen. Hummm....I have a few ideas.

Jessie is getting the foundation for his house put in this week. He will be ready to build as soon as the remodel is through.

We got the blueprints for our next house too. Mike will get started on that after the third cutting of hay is in. It is a really cool house!!

My baby Dixie is growing fast! She is changing colors, and is quite a mixture right now. She is such a sweetie..I am enjoying her a lot.

The last picture is of Dixie with her grandma Mandy...How sweet!!