Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cape Kawanda

A couple of weeks ago we went for a short trip to the Oregon Coast in the Bounder. It has been at Jessie's place in Cashmere for about a year. We packed up some clothes and the two dogs and off we went in the Toyota. We spent the weekend at Jessie's. He is starting to get his house furnished and had just bought a beautiful bedroom set. He also got a washer and dryer while we were there so Mike could help him get it in the house and hooked up. Monday morning we took off for Oregon, Jessie had already took off for work( he is working in the Everett area). We had a full day of driving and finally stayed at Tillimook, Oregon. We went to the Tillimook Cheese Factory, then drove on down to Cape Kawanda.

The weather was wonderful, warm and not windy. There were surfers out surfing so we watched them and walked on the beaches amd took in the sunset.

The next morning we took the Toyota and drove down to Lincoln City and walked on the beach,

and then drove on down to Newport.

Thursday afternoon we left for McMinnville to see the Spruce Goose. It was huge!

We spent the night in McMinnville then drove up to Hillsboro in the morning. I wanted to go to the Roloff Farms since I like to watch Big World, Little People. We went to the visitor center to get directions, then it was easy to find. We went on a wagon ride tour of their farm...it was Fun!! Regretfully I left my camera in the Bounder, which was parked at a grocery store in town. Oh Well. Then we drove back to Cashmere and home.

Pepi and Lucy both had a good time too!! They were great little travelers!