Thursday, September 8, 2011

Afternoon in Winthrop

We took a little drive up to Winthrop for lunch and a little browsing and shopping. Grandpa and Sophia hung out together while Kelly and I checked out the shops. They had a pretty good time.
All of that shopping and sunshine tuckered little Sophia out...we had ice cream and let little sweetie take a nap.

I have never had a tattoo and thought maybe it was time to take the don't think it is too much do you?

Sophia takes a Ride

Grandpa is giving Sophia her first lawnmower ride (no the blades aren't going so it isn't loud).
She thinks this is pretty fun stuff!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Update on Mom

It has been one of those weeks. Bill was here over the weekend taking care of Mom and visiting Dad, they always enjoy him. It has been getting harder to get Mom moved from place to place, she seems to not have much strength in her legs at all, plus she had developed a huge blister on the heel of one of her feet. Bill was great dealing with all of the new challenges though, and did a great job while he was here!
After he left her blister was not getting any better, one morning it ripped open when she put weight on her foot...DANG!! It looked soo nasty and painful! Later that afternoon while her feet were elevated I noticed another big blister forming on the other heel. I called the Dr to see what was going on and got an appointment for the next morning. I don't want to deal with infections and gangrene.
She was admitted into the hospital where they could take care of the skin ulcerations before any infections developed. Mom can't have any weight on her feet and has to be turned from side to side every couple of hours. She will probably be admitted into Extended Care ( the nursing home)next week. I just don't feel like I can give her the care she needs and deserves at this point. Things are continuing to go downhill at an alarming rate.
Dad is holding up okay. It isn't easy.