Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Day

On Tuesday I went to Wenatchee with Mom and Dad. Dad had a long awaited for Dr. appointment at the clinic with a specialist. The Dr seemed to be quite encouraging, so that was good news.

Then we went down to see Uncle Clyde and Aunt Lana at Auto-Moca. They are very busy, as usual, but always make time to visit when we stop by. We enjoy getting to see them.

Next we headed to Cashmere to see Jessie's place. Mike, Jimmy and Jessie all were there working.

That is Mike, Mom, Dad and Jessie out on his front porch.

This is looking down the driveway to to his house.

He was getting all of his cabinets in, granite counter tops will be coming sometime soon. I love the slate he laid in his foyer, it goes down the hall and is also in his laundry room

The last picture is of the shower with the glass doors up, it looks like the window is in the shower but it is just a reflection on the glass.