Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 3....

Week 3 started out kinda rough. Mom gets bored easily and has a hard time expressing herself with her limited speech. We went for a drive on Tuesday to the north end of Palmer Lake. We saw a few deer and Dad saw a bald eagle. It was windy and cold but there were 3 lone ice fishermen out fishing on the lake.
Mom's brother and wife came to visit one afternoon, when I got there she told me they had come and how nice it was to see them. I know it is hard to visit with her, but I appreciate people stopping by and making the effort even though it can be uncomfortable for them. Her cousin had stopped by the week before, as well as Dad's brother.
She had a Dr appointment in town so I was able to talk with him about some of my concerns, now I think we have a good handle on her meds...
On Friday Mom and I went to Omak to go shopping at Penney's and Walmart. Dad opted to stay home with Kozi. Things went okay.
All in all the week was not one of her best. Hopefully things will be better this coming week.
Dad seems to be on an even keel...he is tired and plays alot of solitare on his computer. He has things he checks regularly online and for the most part is doing well. He and Mom both enjoy going on drives so we will be doing that. If you get a chance...drop Mom & Dad a card or postcard...she still enjoys mail!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Enloe Dam

Today we took a drive with Jessie up to the Enloe Dam on the Similkameen River. The road down is treacherous, but the water flowing over the dam is beautiful! This is a popular steelhead fishing spot, and there were a few fishermen below the dam.

Roy lived here when he was a schoolboy and his dad worked at the dam. He has told us many a story of his adventures while living here. What an awful place to have kids!! It is so dangerous!

There is a cool walking path a couple of miles down from the dam, that winds around a vineyard and over the Similkameen River. We walked down it a ways today, but would like to come back and walk further up it. Maybe when Kelly, Ryan and the dogs come out.

Chopper is still growing!! He has settled down quite a bit, but he is still such a puppy!!

We brought pizza's and salad over to Mom & Dad's last night. Jessie, Jimmy and Chopper came too. By the time we left Chopper and Kozi were getting along pretty well. Mom and Dad get a kick out of seeing how much Chopper is growing too!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Update on Master Bath!!

Mike got all of the tiling done in the Master Bath and it sure turned out Nice! Duel shower heads and a rain shower head...

The river rock pebble shower floor...

The shower is 5 1/2' X 5' . I think the picture makes it look smaller than it actually is.

Ta Dah!!

Just when I thought Winter was over!

Yesterday was a beautiful springlike day.....and today we woke up to


Most all of our snow was we have about 4inches and it is still snowing...I guess I'll have to wait a little longer for spring.