Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finally....Dixie is Here!!

Last Thursday morning Mike came rushing into the bedroom at about 5am waking me with a start. He told me there were now four horses in the barn! (We have been getting up and checking every morning for about a month) I quickly dressed and ran to the barn to meet my long awaited new arrival.

I decided to name her Dixie. It will be fun to see what color she ends up. Her dad is grey... So far most of my horsey friends think that is what color she will turn. Time will tell.

Dixie is 4 days old in these last 3 pictures. You will be seeing more of her as time goes on.

On another note...Mike has been haying, so not much done on the house in town. We did get the porch railings up at our house though.

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Mysterious Girl said...

Nice house and nice Dixie you have!! ^__^