Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Walls are Back Up!

Wow, it seems like all of a sudden so much has been done on Mom and Dads remodel! The heat pump is in, the wiring and plumbing is done and the drywall is completely installed! The man that hung it, did it all by himself, then taped and sanded it. Mike put a coat of primer on it then Jose sprayed the final coat of texture on. He is a working machine!! He did a nice job too.
The first picture above is of the master bathroom and closet, the next two are of the master bedroom. This area used to be the kitchen/laundry room/back porch and guest bathroom.

Above is the new kitchen/dining area.

The original ceiling was left in the living room. Notice the entry closet...that used to be the doorway to Mom and Dads bedroom. We hope we don't find them in the closet sleeping too often. LOL (just joking guys!!)

The plan is for Mike and Jessie to spray the primer and ceiling paint on tomorrow...then on Thursday and Friday we will paint! We have most of the paint...but still need to find a color for the kitchen. Hummm....I have a few ideas.

Jessie is getting the foundation for his house put in this week. He will be ready to build as soon as the remodel is through.

We got the blueprints for our next house too. Mike will get started on that after the third cutting of hay is in. It is a really cool house!!

My baby Dixie is growing fast! She is changing colors, and is quite a mixture right now. She is such a sweetie..I am enjoying her a lot.

The last picture is of Dixie with her grandma Mandy...How sweet!!

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Susan said...

WOW! Mike and company are really rolling along on the house! I hardly recognize the layout. I may have to come out one of these days just to see it.
Dixie is a pretty color. What are your new house plans like?