Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Roof is Up!

We have had all kinds of weather this past couple of has snowed (about 8 inches), rained, got warm, was freezing cold and windy..not breezy WINDY!! But despite it all the roof is up and pretty much done. A big load off Mike, because now it can snow, rain or blow and he can be inside working without a leaky roof. The doors and windows aren't in yet...but they should be here next week and get put in.

These are our trusses being set up. The last picture is in the vaulted livingroom.

The pictures look like it is so nice and sunny out, but believe was COLD and WINDY!! Very nasty weather to be working in. Jessie and Patrick D are working on the garage. Mike and Jimmy are working on the ridge cap of the house. BRR!!

We put on the very same shingles that Jessie did on his house.

Next week Mike, Jessie and Jimmy are going back down to Cashmere to work on Jessie's house. Jessie and Jimmy will be siding it (weather permitting) and Mike will be plumbing it. This is a hard working crew!!

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