Friday, February 15, 2008

A Long..Long.. Long Winter...

I am really tired of winter..snow...cold ...and slush. The days are finally getting a bit longer and the sun gets us above freezing once in a while. The wiring and plumbing are done on our house..Mike and Jimmy will start insulating next Monday. Jessie has all of his sheetrock up and it is being taped and sanded this week. I don't have any pictures to post of his yet, but I will try to get some soon. Here is our house with doors and windows. The small round window is in our Master Bedroom in the vaulted ceiling. It is actually 24" in diameter. This is our livingroom while standing in the dining area.

The 1st picture is of the kitchen area, the next 2 are of the masterbath.

Here are few sweet pictures of Dixie & co. Dixie is the shaggiest little thing and her color is ....well... unusual.

Rita, Rocket and Dixie having breakfast this morning.

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