Thursday, June 12, 2008

Home for a Visit

Happy News...Kelly came home for about a week (never long enough). We all enjoy having her home, she is a breath of fresh air! We wish Ryan could have come too... and the granddogs. Kelly and I went to Cashmere to check out Jessie's house and spent the night with him.

Jessie was just finishing painting his house, it turned out great!

We went to Apple Annie's Antique Mall in Cashmere and another antique shop there. Jessie declined our invitation to come. We did go to a Chinese Buffet for dinner where Jessie grossed me out eating whole baby squid. The next day we spent the morning in Leavenworth. We had a great time shopping around and had crepe's for lunch at a cafe. Check out this cool petunia tree at a market just outside of Leavenworth. I want Mike to make me one!

Kelly and Jimmy went down and played cards with Grandma and Grandpa one night. We went to Rancho Chico, went on a hike and a couple of walks, and mostly just enjoyed having her with us. I so can't wait 'till they live closer...Nova Scotia is too far!! All to soon it was time for her to leave.

Jessie came home for a couple of days...then Jimmy drove him over to the airport in Seattle. He was going to Alaska to take a state lineman's test to work up there. I am happy to say he passed it and is still up there waiting to see if any jobs open up in the next week. I hope he takes the time to look around at the sites while he is there.

Today Mike started the big job of cutting the hay. He got our 20+ acres down, now he has about 30 more that he is farming to cut. Jimmy will be around to help.

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Peg said...

Hi, I love your new home. Read your blogs all the time and so enjoy them and pic. Your guys are always so busy. That tree in Levensworth, did they just stick planted pots in the branches? It was really beautiful.
Love, Peg