Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Pix

We had a nice Thanksgiving with Mom & Dad, Jessie and Jimmy, I didn't take any pictures though...darn!
Mike has been working on the new house. He put the wood floors in the bathroom, toilet and sinks. It turned out nice.

He put laminate counter tops in the kitchen ( the island & sidebar are granite), then used slate tiles to tie the two together. I love how it turned out!! He still has crown and hardware to install, but it is really coming along!
We have cardboard on the floors to help protect the wood until the work is done.

Here are a couple of pictures of Mom & Dad's garage...finally!
And my house with Christmas lights!!
No snow yet, tonight it is mild and raining lightly. I want snow for Christmas...but after Jan 1st it can melt!

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