Thursday, May 27, 2010


Last week Mike and I drove back to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba to visit Kelly and Ryan in their new home. It is a nice drive about 21 hrs. We spent our 1st night in Medicine Hat, Alberta then got to Kelly and Ryan's at around 3pm the next day. Their home is beautiful!! They have only been there a little over a month but they are getting it very homey. Kelly does a wonderful job in that department! The weather was great while we were there, they took us to Lake Manitoba one afternoon....nice sandy beaches.

There is even lots of seating available


The grand-dogs love it too!

One evening they took us into Winnipeg where we enjoyed an East Indian buffet....Delicious! There were all kinds of foods to try!! Then we went to the Imax and watched Avitar w/ 3D glasses. What fun!

On another evening Ryan took us to where he works ( he is a flight instructor in the Canadian military). He even gave a lesson in the flight simulator that pilots actually practice in, that was soo cool...just like being in a real plane!

It wasn't all play while we were there, we did want to help them out some too. Since their new appliances arrived while we were there Mike was able to install their dishwasher and range hood. He and Ryan installed the garage door opener too. Okay, I mostly did play...I shopped, walked the dogs with Kelly, shopped some more, ate to much good food and had a totally fun time with my daughter.

It is always bittersweet to have to go home..But we will be back and can't wait to see all the progress they will have made outside at their home.

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