Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gum Drop Lane Update

It's been awhile....but here is an update on the Gum Drop Lane house
 By early November the electric, plumbing and insulation were done so it was time to move outside to finish the house. The drywall guy came and  was working on the inside.
 We had to put up the fascia board, soffits, trim and siding. We had some nice weather, but for the most part it was COLD. We wore several layers of clothes and coveralls and had a nice bonfire going most of the time....not that we had alot of time to stand by it to get warm.
We finally got the siding all up and the drywall was finished too.
Mike and I spent a couple of days painting....first priming everything..then painting. It sure goes fast with the paint sprayer. There is going to be a lot of touch up painting to be done when we get all done inside. Next we put up the pine boards in the Great Room and Master Bedroom ceilings, then started installing the hardwood floors.
The Kitchen (above)

The Great Room 

Master Bedroom
Here are a few pictures with the tongue & groove ceiling and flooring installed
Master Bedroom (above)

Great Room
Mike is installing one of the two living room ceiling fans.
The wood flooring is almost all installed so things are coming along well.

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Peg said...

This also is a beautiful house. Nice work also. Love the lights on Roy's house. very pretty. and lots of snow. Its cold here at night, but great during day. maybe getting some rain on Christmas eve night; maybe a few drops. have a merry Christmas and happy new year. Love , Auntie Peggy