Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finding Sunshine!! Road Trip!!

The winter is cold and dark in Eastern Washington...so we went for a little road trip to find some sunshine...First stop was my Little Sunshine Emma Jean.
Our little snuggle bunny all swaddled up...such a sweetheart.
Then we took off for the Oregon Coast..getting warmer.
View from our room in Brookings, Oregon.
Our motel in the background

Next the Redwoods...Magnificent!

Of course we had to drive thru the tree!

In Fort Bragg, Ca we went to a unique beach called Glass Beach...These are all small pieces of washed and worn glass. Funny thing the glass is from an old garbage dump, they used to just dump the trash into the ocean. You can find some pretty pieces of glass though that have been worn smooth by the ocean.
Northern California coastline

Going over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco....$6 toll please. Our motel was on Lombard Street...just a short walk up the hill to the famous crooked block of Lombard street. The houses in this area are so crammed together...but so beautiful. What a different way of life.
Next was a visit to Alcatraz
The cells
Stacked 3 high and much narrower than I'd imagined. Now we need to watch all of the old Alcatraz movies again.
We found our sunshine!! Pier 39 in San Francisco..chowder and fish & chips for lunch...then of coarse waffle cones.
We walked it off along the waterfront. Lots of interesting people there, this is only one of them.
Painted Ladies
The next day we went to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose... what an interesting house and story behind it, plus another beautiful day!
And the 'Door to Nowhere'
My brother Bruce and his wife Wanda live in Rancho Cordova, near Sacramento...we had never been to their home so went over for a visit. What wonderful hosts they were! It was fun to see their family of 8 cats, a rottweiler(Birdie) and a grey parrot (Einstein).
What a great place to live...picking lemons off of your own lemon tree in February!! The weather is so nice I can see why they live there.
We saw a lot of things that we wanted to just taking our time driving along and yes...we did find our Sunshine!
( unfortunately we are back in our icebox back home again...)

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