Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fishing at Vernita Bridge

We packed up the motorhome, hooked up the boat and headed down to Vernita Bridge in south central Washington, it was being called the 'hot spot' for salmon fishing on the Columbia River. We camped in a rocky barren field along with about a hundred or so other fishermen. We got there at around 2:30 and the temperature was in the 90's, so we launched the boat to check out the fishing and to escape the midday heat. The salmon were jumping all over and we checked out a few holes without getting as much as a bite. Now I'm not a fisherman at all, that is Mikes area...I was the boat driver and salmon pole for me.  We watched the full moon come up while on the river...what a beautiful site to see!

The next morning we were on the water by 7am going to Mike's chosen hole...the Hatchery Hole. He fished there for most of the morning getting a few bites and loosing one when the line broke. Finally at around 12:30 he caught his first salmon on a spoon lure he was casting in an effort to try something new. It didn't disappoint. It fought hard and it took about 15 minutes to get it  in by a perfect netting job by me. I was so afraid I was going to knock it off the hook and loose it for him....whew!  It was nice fish! We got back in around 4pm. 



On Thursday morning Jessie drove down to join us, he was there by 6:30 am. The river was steaming as we headed to our hole, a lot more boats on the water too. Mike caught the first salmon, then Jessie  then Mike  then Jessie again. They each caught 2 nice ones! It was a fun day. We all headed back to Cashmere so Becky could go fishing too and I would stay home with Emma & Molly.

Of course Pepi and Lucy came too


Friday Mike caught the only and largest salmon (12-15 lbs). They had fun fishing on the river and I had a great time with my  Grands!


                                                      Molly .... such a sweetie!

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