Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Walls Going UP

Mike and Jimmy have been working on putting the new walls in the master suite, kitchen/dining area, and living room. They have to be careful and not take out any supporting walls without providing ample support. Since this house had a lot of it added on to where the original porch was, it makes things interesting. But these challenges give it the charm and character that comes with a home that is nearly 100 years old.

There will be a 6ft patio door where the window is.

This is the bathroom in the master. The back will be a walk in closet. The front part will have a tub, shower, vanity and toilet(not the one pictured).

The above picture will be looking into the kitchen/dining area.
The old shingles are off the roof and tar paper is up.
Mom and Dad are ever watchful...making sure there is no slacking on the job. (LOL)

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Bill said...

I guess Roy still feels pretty comfortable sitting in that same spot! Keep the pics coming!!