Friday, May 11, 2007

Sidewalks are In!!

Last week Mike put sidewalks in at our house. I wanted meandering..not straight. When I came home from work I was happily surprised at how nicely Mike had laid them out. It was quite a job for him and Jimmy when the cement came. It was just the two of them doing a 32 x 20 slab in front of the garage and all of the sidewalks. It was one of the warmest days we had had yet, and the cement set up quickly. But they turned out great!! Now we need to replant some grass and get the flowerbeds planted.


Bill said...

The place looks really good! Keep posting those pics! Ranger looks pretty good too.

Susan said...

I love the meandering sidewalks. Mike and Jimmy did a nice job. Are the flowerbeds your job? LOL

Peg said...

Great picture's of the house.
The old one looked great to me also. Send pecture of the colt when it gets here.