Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall is Here

I guess it is official...fall is here. We had our first frost of the season the night before last. It got part of the garden but I think I'll still get a few more tomatoes if the days can stay warm enough.

Mike and I went to Wenatchee with Mom and Dad since Dad had a Dr. appt. The report was good from a medical standpoint. I know it isn't what Roy wanted to hear though. He would like a cure and to feel like his old self. That's what we want for him too...

We picked out the granite for our island in the new house. It should be ready to pick-up in a week or so. Then we stopped by Jessie's house to water his trees and turn off his power. He is in Texas with the company he works for helping to get the electrical power restored.

Mike and Jimmy are starting on the walls of garage down at Mom and Dads house. It will be so nice for them to have covered parking this winter.

Here is a picture of our calves Cherry is in the front and Big Boy in the rear, our hens and our barn overflowing with hay.

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