Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This and That

My hens have finally started laying eggs! I am getting between 2 or 3 a day...sometimes 4. They taste so good. We have 2 calves, Big Boy and Cherry. Last Saturday night my hens were clucking around the chicken pen but not going in...I went over to see why and there was Big Boy in their pen! He had eaten their chicken feed, ate the hay out of their nests and stepped on and broke their waterer. The hens wanted to go to bed but they wanted him out first. I got him out..but he had made a mess out of the chicken yard, bulldozing through the fence and all. Last night a doe and fawn jumped into the calf pasture and the calves chased them out. It was pretty funny.

Mike and Jimmy are working on Mom and Dads garage. They ended up having to rip the slab out and starting from scratch. A lot more work that originally thought. It will be so nice for them though when it is done

Mike is fencing off about 6 acres in front of the house to put the horses in. They will have grass to eat there for a couple of months or more. Our barn is stuffed full of hay, and we have a few tons stacked outside too. His hay turned out beautiful! I am sure he is glad to be done with the hay season and all that water changing.

We have been looking around for a newer car, something in this century. We had been thinking about an HHR or Ford Focus, but after test driving a Focus last weekend I think we've changed our minds. Now we are leaning towards a VW Jetta. Hopefully we will find something we both like with good gas mileage that won't break the bank.

I'll get the camera out and post some pix of the hens and calves as well as progress on the garage.

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