Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Thought Spring was Coming!?!

Just when I was sure spring was almost here, we woke up to a day of blowing snow and cold....again. We got about an inch or so of powdery snow and it is blowing like crazy. So much for my walk before work.

Yesterday it was thawing, raining and temps in the 40's, today it is 15 and with the wind chill who knows?! All I know is ... it is cold!
Yesterday when DH was feeding the cats in the barn he saw a gaping hole in Max's side. We had to take him to the vet. He hated riding in the car and he howled like a ghoul the whole way... spooky sounds! The vet cleaned out the wound and gave me meds to give him for a couple of weeks. Max must have got bit in a cat fight and it got infected. Poor Boy...He is a big sweetheart! He is staying in the mudroom for awhile to recoup and keep his sore clean. Kinda a nasty pix!!

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