Sunday, July 26, 2009

Corn..Cows...and Turkeys

Big Boy and Cherry waiting to be fed. They have lots of grass in their pasture but they like getting hay too.

We planted this corn patch a few weeks ago, it is doing pretty well. We will be moving back up to the apt above the garage the end of August so the corn, tomatoes and pumpkins will be there for us. That is the apt window overlooking the garden.

These are the renters turkeys..they seem to grow every time I see them! The box sticking out on the back of the chicken house is where the nests just lift the lid to gather the eggs, you don't have to go inside. Mike will be building me another chicken house before too long..he let mine go with the house we sold.

Last week we took a drive up to Conconully and over the back roads home. We went to KFC, then had a picnic at the state park. I remember Mom and Dad used to camp there sometimes with the grand kids. The kids always had a great time! If I ever have grand kids I think I will bring them here too, they have a really cool play area for kids.

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