Sunday, July 19, 2009

Poor Little Lucy!

Lucy is looking so tired, she still has about 10 days to go before she has her puppies. It will be so exciting!
It will be a busy few weeks coming up. Lucy will have her pups...we go to Nova Scotia....we move when we get home. Oh yeah and Mike bales and picks up the second cutting of hay and does the field of oat hay too (before we go to N. S.).

Our garden is doing great! It is growing like crazy, as is the lawn. It has been so hot here the last few days, in the 100's. Summer is finally here! It is supposed to continue to be hot (80's -90's) next week too. Good hay weather.

We planted some corn, pumpkins and tomatoes up at our other house, it is doing well too, although it was planted probably a month later than this garden so things are much smaller. We planted green beans too, but not a one came up...very odd. Beans are usually the easiest thing to grow.

Tomorrow I am taking Dad and Mom to Wenatchee to the eye doctor. Dad has to have laser surgery on one of his eyes to get rid of some "mist" in his vision. I will go up and check on things at Jessie's while we are there. Mike will have to stay home and do hay.

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