Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Pups!

Pepi and Lucy in their Christmas collars waiting for Santa Paws.

Spike is joining in on the fun, their Christmas collars are so cute! They have little jingle-bells on them. It drove Spike crazy at first but he got used to it before long.

Mom, Dad and Jimmy were up this evening for Oyster Stew and goodies. We opened an early Christmas gift from Jimmy, it was the DVD game Scene It, the Seinfeld edition. We played a couple of games it was alot of fun!

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Peg said...

The Puppie are so cute. Lori, if you have a email address may I have it, would like to write to your Mom. my hand writing is so bad she could not read it, this way you could tell her the news. Am so glad she is doing okay. Happy New Year to you and the family. My email is: