Sunday, January 17, 2010

January Blahhhs

We had a nice holiday now come the doldrums of least it is half over. Yesterday was a beautiful day, sunny and mild, it felt like spring was on its way. Today on the other hand is foggy, slushy, drizzly and clammy. I guess winter is here for a while longer. All the melting and raining have left us with big puddles in the low spots. It's a mess. Oh well, on the bright side the days are slowly getting longer...yeah!!

The alfalfa field is trying to soak it all in (above) and my garden is a mud pit (below).

Last night we took Mom, Dad and Jimmy out to Rancho Chico for dinner..that is always good eats!!

Mike has been insulating and hanging sheet rock in the new garage this week. It is going to look really good when he gets it done.

This was a three day weekend for me so I think I will get supplies to make a heart wreath and pillow covers when I go to Omak this afternoon.

On Wednesday, we have Mom's doctors appointments in Wenatchee. We have to be there at 10:30 for the first one. She is showing marked improvement in her motor skills and doesn't seem to have that distracted look about her as much. She is looking good and is healing nicely. Her hair isn't growing back as fast as she would like, but it looks fine from the front. Her thinking still short circuits(for lack of a better term), but maybe that will improve later. Anyway, think of us on Wednesday. Dad is doing well, he is so good with mom, although he does get tired(the Parkinson's) plus he has been doing most of the household chores. I try to help out, but they are doing okay. I am encouraging them to start going to Senior Citizens for meals a couple days a week since cooking is a real chore for them, the socializing would be good too.
I think I will have a nice hot cuppa or tea...

I went for the chai tea...delicious!! Perfect on a day like today.

Mike got this Keurig for his is Great!!

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