Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update on Mom

On Tuesday morning we drove to Wenatchee to Moms Dr appointments. She had to be there by 9:30 for her CT scan. Then we saw her neurologist and neurosurgeon. They were both pleased with the outcome of her last surgery and her resiliency after them. Her motor skills are still doing great..cognitive can take longer, up to 4-6 months to see if there is any improvement. They didn't make any adjustments at this time on the pump since she is doing well as it is. She doesn't have to go back until about April or May for another follow up, as long as things are going okay. She does still have some eye pain, which her neurologist said was probably headaches. In March Mom has an eye appointment with her eye specialist so he can check her eyes further. We were out by about 10:45 am.
We met up with Uncle Clyde and Aunt Lana at their house for a nice little visit, then on home.
It is always a long day for Mom and Dad with so much traveling, but they are Happy Campers!!

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Joanne Kennedy said...

That is good news that she seems to do being doing well. I will keep her and your family in my prayers.