Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Jessie, Jimmy, Mom and Dad joined Mike and Me along with all the sweet little pups. Things were a little loud at first...lots of barking!

Chip, Jimmy's little Chi is 6wks younger than Chopper, Jessie's Great Dane. What a difference in size! Chopper would love to play with everyone....but they aren't having any of it.

Chopper having a seat beside Dad.

We had a nice traditional turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. I enjoyed having everyone one home, but missed Kelly and Ryan. :( They are just to far to make it home.

On Tuesday Mom and Dad both have Dr. appointments in Wenatchee with their specialists, weather permitting. Roy seems to be hanging in there, still he is fighting with tiredness. Mom spends most of her day walking. She walks down the road, over to Jimmy's, around her house, and then does it all over again. She can't seem to sit still for long. She is having an increasingly hard time with her speech, and thought processes. We are growing more concerned about her ventures as the weather gets worse. Life is Tough sometimes.

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