Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Doctor Day

It must have been about the worst day we have had yet this winter, but after waiting 6 months for these Dr appointments ..we really didn't want to have to reschedule. Well the roads weren't really all that bad, it we left at 8am and got to Wenatchee at about 10:50. We met Jessie on the way up to the neurology dept. He hung out with us throughout the morning. First Dad had his appointment. His Parkinson's is progressing slowly, no restrictions on him at this time and no changes in his meds. He needs to come back in about 6 months. Dad doesn't think these appointments are of much use...but 2x a year isn't too much.
Next on to the CT scan...which is done in about 5 minutes tops. Since it is about 45 minutes until Moms appt we go grab a bit of lunch at an A&W/KFC.( Canada is really big on A&W's, and they have really good burgers etc. This one didn't hold a candle to the Canadian was good but not great) Jessie left us at the Clinic to go home, he had been up working since 2 am and was getting tired.Mom was pretty agitated in the waiting room before her appointment. She said she didn't want to see the Doctor...she didn't like him and she wanted to go home. I took a couple of short walks with here up the hall and back. A complete contrast to her behavior just 6 months ago. She was good as gold when we got called in though. The neurosurgeon said Moms' CT scan looked good, the brain's ventricles were a good size showing the pressure was where it should be. We asked about an adjustment to help here with her cognitive skills. The Dr. said they couldn't adjust it down anymore for that and that she had quite a bit of atrophy of her brain cells already. What a bummer...Mom won't get better mentally. She will have good days and bad days. She has no further appointments with the neurologist or neurosurgeon at this time. This part of life is kinda by the seat of your cut and dry program to follow. Now we need to find out how best to help Mom and Dad have a good quality and safe life, so I will be getting in contact with the State Aging council to try and get some guidelines. We headed straight home...the roads were somewhat better and we made it home by 5pm. A long day for us all.
The saga go on.

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