Sunday, February 13, 2011

Enloe Dam

Today we took a drive with Jessie up to the Enloe Dam on the Similkameen River. The road down is treacherous, but the water flowing over the dam is beautiful! This is a popular steelhead fishing spot, and there were a few fishermen below the dam.

Roy lived here when he was a schoolboy and his dad worked at the dam. He has told us many a story of his adventures while living here. What an awful place to have kids!! It is so dangerous!

There is a cool walking path a couple of miles down from the dam, that winds around a vineyard and over the Similkameen River. We walked down it a ways today, but would like to come back and walk further up it. Maybe when Kelly, Ryan and the dogs come out.

Chopper is still growing!! He has settled down quite a bit, but he is still such a puppy!!

We brought pizza's and salad over to Mom & Dad's last night. Jessie, Jimmy and Chopper came too. By the time we left Chopper and Kozi were getting along pretty well. Mom and Dad get a kick out of seeing how much Chopper is growing too!

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