Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family from across the Prairies

Ryan, Kelly and the grand dogs came out for a visit last week. The driving was terrible for them(cold & snowy) and to top it off a deer ran into their car soon after they crossed the boarder near Curlew. Thankfully no one was hurt and their car was still drivable, but it still made for much added stress. We were so happy to see them though!! The dogs all remembered each other and the first thing Kyisha did was run into my bedroom and look in my closet to see if Lucy's puppies were still there like they had been last summer.

Kelly is so cute with her little bump showing(and growing)...I even got to feel the baby moving around...I think he/she was telling Grammy, "I'm here!!...It won't be too much longer until you can hold and cuddle me too!"

The due date is June 1st, we won't know if it is a he or a she until it is born...we love surprises!!

She has that glow!!

Ryan, Kelly, the dogs and I took a hike one afternoon up to the top of the hill by our house. What a workout for this old woman!! But fun and totally worth the view! The 4 houses on the left of the picture are the one's Mike has built.

Kelly and I spent an afternoon shopping around in Omak, we found a few things for the baby, but not a whole lot is available there. It was fun though.

We went for a drive with Mom & Dad one afternoon then Kelly made us a spaghetti & meatball dinner at their place. It was nice!

Mom & Dad enjoyed their visits too!

To soon they had to leave for Kelowna to visit Ryan's family too. I know they love to have them too. Mike and I always miss them when they leave and the house seems so empty. We are going up to see them one more time before they leave for Manitoba next week.

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