Monday, April 30, 2012

April's End

This is a picture of the view down the valley from our new lot in Omak. It is only 2 acres, long and narrow, so it will be a big change from what we are used to, it will be fun though. Mike took his riding lawn mower down to mow off the grass...we found a bunch of asparagus too...Bonus! We are looking for just the right house plan so Mike can get started building..

 We went down to Cashmere so Mike could help out with Jessie's shop. We girls decided to go yard saleing on Saturday morning. Emma's first yard sale trip accompanied by her mama and both grandmas. We let the guys continue with their work.

 The next day Jesssie, Becky and Mike finished up setting the posts. In all they set 18 poles in 4 foot holes 2 feet wide. The cement will be poured in the holes next.

 This is the reason I went to Cashmere...Just look at that sweet face!!

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