Friday, April 20, 2012

Off to the Prairie

Last week we went to visit our sweet little Sophia and her Momma & Daddy. She is walking all over now and getting quicker and quicker! We got to watch her while her Momma was at work, she was perfect. We took her walking in her stroller and she zonked out by the end of the block.

  She is so happy to be walking!! Just look at that face :).

 Mike was helping Kelly build a privacy panel on their deck and a dog run off the side so Sophie would be able to have a nice yard to play in. They moved the steps around, put up a fence and built a couple of gates.
The ramp is for the dogs to use to get off of the deck, and the little fence will keep them off of the yard and Sophie out of their area. It will look really nice when it is finished and the lawn greens up.

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