Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breaking Ground & Foundation Work

We have power!!
We broke ground for the new house on Gum Drop.

The first scoop of dirt...Yay
First we had an excavator level the building spot out for us.
We laid out the house and after much squaring up and measuring..we got the forms for the footings in....

Put in the rebar...
then we started getting the forms for the foundation walls up.

Most of the forms are up... just the garage is left to do and we will get it done tomorrow since we ran out of forms today. Then Mike says the walls need to be squared and braced. The cement is coming on Friday so we have to be done.
So far the weather has gone from nice ... to cold and wet ..... then to hot!
Here is hoping for a nice rest of the week..not too hot or too wet!!


Peg said...

Now are you going to sell the house your in and move to Gumdrop?
You'r hubby sure is a worker. Nice to follow a house going up.
Love seeing those to beautiful granddaughter's of you'rs. I holpe they will always be close cousins.

always, Peg

Lori said...

We are selling the house we are living in now and planning on moving to Gum Drop Lane in Omak. If our house sells before our new one is ready we are going to move in with Roy until it is done. :)

Hope all is well with you!
♥ Lori