Saturday, June 16, 2012

Footings & Foundation Pour

Mike had to call in reinforcements...we could have got done ourselves if we would have had a couple of more days...but the pour was the next day. The guy he hired really knows what he is doing...unlike me. Things went very smoothly.
Now everything is built, braced and ready to go!
Nice straight walls...
The Building Inspector passed we are ready for the pour.
Here they go...Mike, Jessie and Jimmy...
Nothing ever seems to go as planned ... the cement started setting up before they were ready for it to...
But by the end of the pour...things were looking up, and everything turned out fine.
Amid the chaos of the pour this little fellow ran right by them...nobody saw him except Emma and me. We were hanging out in our make shift playroom in the back of Mikes new cargo trailer.
Nice little set up.
While her Daddy, Grampa and Uncle Jimmy were all working their ***!!**'s off, I had an enjoyable day with this little sweetie!
Grandkids !!!
Gotta Love Them!!

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