Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sophie and Rocket

My little girls are finally getting big enough to enjoy Rocket. I have been waiting a long time for this and it will only get better. I want to share my love of horses with them.  Rocket is 28 now... we got her when she was 8. She has always been the go to horse that anyone could ride and now my granddaughters are learning about horses with her.

Sophie is so happy on Rocket!

I love this picture!!

(These pictures were taken the end of August when Sophie and her family were here... I just couldn't resist sharing!)


Peg said...

Hi Lorie, nice to see yr post. Loved the last picture of the little one brushing the horse.
You home is beautiful. So happy you are enjoying it. Are u building another home on yr lot. And who is PG. due in 2014.
Love Auntie Peggy

Lori said...

Hi Aunt Peg,

My daughter Kelly(Sophia's mom) is due mid February and my son's fiancé (Emma's mom) is due mid March. It will bean exciting year!

Lori said...

Yes the house we are building is next door to the one we are living in. Short commute to work!