Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools!!

Here is a picture of the kitchen. Mike put in undercabinet lighting for me..and I Love it!! I got the stools from Things are coming together. Next week we should be living here!!

Guess what...we totally forgot that today was April Fools Day until the day was almost over. We usually play stupid jokes on each other, but not this year. Mike was doing some of the finishing work on the apartments downstairs entry(door molding, etc.) He plans on tiling it in the morning. I took the baseboards out of the bedrooms of the house and cleaned all the rooms to ready them for carpet installation on Tuesday. Jimmy brought the horse trailer up and we unloaded it. We have most of our stuff up here now. We will still need to go through it and get rid of a bunch of stuff.
Mom and Roy came up and brought Bob and Sharon Stone with them. Bob and Sharon live in Davenport and drive over a couple of few times a year. They usually come up and see what we have been doing on the place. They are both really nice and we enjoy their visits.
I finally got out and harrowed the horse pasture. My harrowing consists of chaining an old-fashioned bed spring to the four-wheeler and pulling it all around. It works pretty good though. When I got finished Mike said he was going to town to cut down the blue spruce tree at Mom and Roy's so Jimmy could get it cut up and burned. It would have been to close to the new garage that Mike is building.
Jimmy climbed up the tree and tied a rope to a branch..tied the rope to the Toyota and got the rope real tight so the tree would fall the way it was supposed to. Then Mike cut it down. It was a really BIG tree! Jimmy got to work limbing it and hauling it down to the burn pile in the field. Mike & I cleaned out our stuff from the shop in town. whee...what a day.
I didn't get my hot tub cleaned out..oh well. The garage is getting stuffed!! Rhubarb is keeping an eye on things though.

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