Monday, April 9, 2007

Moving Phase 1...

On the 5th of April we got moved into our new house. What a day!! Jimmy moved into the apartment too. We were all beat by the time we had walked up and down those 17 stairs about 300 times. But it is great to be in the house!! I still have tons to unpack and do...but at least we are here.

Jessie came home for Easter weekend. Saturday was beautiful! Warm and sunny. On Sunday we had an Easter Brunch since Jessie has such a long way to drive home, it is about a 7 hr drive. He will be moving his 5th wheel to Joyce(near Port Angeles) next weekend, to work in that area for awhile. Kelly called and told us about the big Easter surprise they had ~ 21" of snow! She called again this morning to say they got 6 more inches this morning.

Tomorrow is the day that we are moving Mom and Roy out of their house into the little house across the yard. They are staying in the Bounder in our driveway...kinda like camping. We are going to start bright and early in the morning. It will be a full day. I will post before, during and after pictures of the renovation. How exciting.

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