Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend in Cashmere

There is nothing we like better than spending time with our kids. Jessie has property in Cashmere that he is planning on building on. He had a cat there this weekend to do some dirt work. We went down to help out.

I took a walk(or rather CLIMB) to the upper property corner. What a view from there! You can see Jessies 2 5th-wheels, the trucks, boats, cat and shed down below.
This is the view up the valley and down the valley. That is Cashmere in the distance beyond the corner marker


The wildflowers were in bloom too!
We got a new lawnmower in Wenatchee while we were there. It is a truckload for the Toyota!

Saturday the weather was great, Sunday...not so nice. We got home and Mike is out mowing the lawn.


Susan said...

Jesse's property is beautiful. It kind of reminds me of grandma and Grandpa's place at Aeneas. How much land does he have?

Bill said...

This is really cool to see (at least some of) what you guys are up to! Keep up the good work, the pics are great!