Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo
Things have been pretty busy around here. Mike has been busy pouring cement for the breeze way and the parking pad outside of the garage. It is nice to have a little less dirt to track into the house. The next project will be getting the lawn in. The irrigation is on now so he has the added chore of changing water. Right now he has 2 wheel lines and about 4 or 5 hand lines. He has Jimmy helping him disc up about 5 acres to replant in alfalfa.

Last week I made chicken enchiladas for the family dinner. Yummy!! I used verde enchilada sauce as my daughter suggested. They turned out great. I didn't get the picture after they came out of the oven, hungry people.

I started on a couple of flower beds for my lawn. I wanted to have it be about twice as high with a waterfall and pool at the bottom...but that idea got nixed(for now). This will be nice when it is done.

The dahlia and squash seeds I planted on my kitchen window sill are doing great, but need to be re potted, it is still to cold to put them outside. My onions are awaiting a spot in the garden too, I just don't have a garden area yet. Maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself. I am just so ready to have it be warm and play in the dirt.

Pepi and Lucy are enjoying the warmer weather too. Here they are with a ham bone. They take turns stealing it from each other.
Today we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo at work. We made a bunch of tissue paper flowers for decorations , we have a huge pinata hanging and are giving away door prizes and candy. What fun!!

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