Thursday, May 21, 2009

Short ~ Sweet

That is how I would describe last week. It was so nice to have Kelly home!! We all miss having her near. She came to visit over Mother's Day and the week following. She and Ryan are still living out in Kingston, Nova Scotia....a beautiful place but so far away. We ( Mom, Kelly and I ) made a trip to Cashmere to see the progress that Jessie is making on his home. Mike and Jimmy had been down helping him build a garage, pour cement, and start on his deck. It looks better every time I see it!

Jessie, Mom and Kelly

We had lunch at Studebaker's, a cute little 50's diner inside Apple Annie's Antique Mall, then poked around looking through the shops. It was a fun day. I think we wore Mom out pretty good, but she never complained at all.

It was great having Kelly here, we did a bunch of landscaping, this is in the back yard. We got trees planted and finally the grass. So in another few weeks we will have a lawn. Yay!! Needless to say all of that dirt outside makes for a dusty house!

The Saturday before Kelly went home, we had a nice family Bar-B-Q with Jessie, Jimmy, Kelly,Mom, Dad, Mike and me. It was wonderful to have everyone together. I wish Ryan could have been with us too.

Then in a blink of an eye it was time to take her to the airport in Kelowna.

It was a Great Week!!

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